Tuesday, October 20, 2015

At this point it's been several months since we had been getting together. I've been sneaking away once or twice a month for a weekend at a time to spend at his house. Each time becoming more and more of a frenzied fuck-a-thon. We talk every night. He watches me while I work on cam. I watch him stroke his cock at the same time I watch countless other guys in my room tugging on theirs for me. I'm hypnotized watching him stroke faster and faster and I feel myself start to drool a bit when I watch his cum erupt and shoot into the air. Fuuuucckkk. I want that cock so fucking bad. Think about his hands on me, fingers digging in while he pounds the shit out of me. I fucking shake all over. This weekend finally came up. I didn't realize what he had been planning. I got to his house and we went straight to the bedroom as usual.Normally we fuck, get cleaned u and go out for a bit, then come back home and fuck all night long until we pass out. He was grinning at me as we walked into the bedroom. We had been experimenting more and more. That's one of the things that made the sex so fucking good. We just connected in so many ways. We trusted each other and would just explore and play and play and play. So far we had done things, of course, on the internet. We had been buying toys. We had experimented with sex outside, in the car, in the park. We had done vaginal, anal, oral, standing, laying, bent over, in the shower, in the kitchen, against the wall. He grabbed me at one point as we were walking back to the bedroom, bent me over in the middle of the hallway, made me put my hands on the the floor and stuffed his cock in my tight little asshole. He fucked me sooooo good cum ran down my things and my legs gave out. I have to say I wasn't really into anal before I met him, but he loved my ass so much i couldn't help but give it to him. It got him hard for me and that got me horny for him and I loved the way his cock stretched my ass out. He calls it my 'special medicine' when he cums in my ass or a spinal adjustment. We bought several anal toys. Well, several is an understatement, and by 'we' I mean HE. Ha! There's this one red anal plug with a horse tail on the end of it. It's fucking huge, he would playfully threaten me with it. He told me if I didn't behave it was going in my ass, so I would behave. We are soooo fucking naughty any way it ended up in my ass anyway. I couldn't help it.But, that's a different story. This one, when I walked in to the bedroom he had bought some light bondage equipment off of Ebay. There was a spreader bar, basically a broomstick with velcro on both ends you wrap around wrists or ankles to keep them open, a yolk, velcro straps you use to strap someones wrists to their ankles behind their back, and an inflatable bondage chair. You sat in it and there were straps to keep your wrists and ankles strapped down. The chair was comfortable, but once you sat in it you couldn't really get at the good parts. Anyway, this was one weekend we ordered in. He tied my wrists to the headboard with scarves and put the spreader bar between my ankles and had his way with my poor little holes. He pulled my legs up and fucked me, then rolled me over and pulled me to my knees and took turns switching between my ass and pussy. He'd fill my ass up with cum the go and wash and get somethign to drink and come back ready to fuck me some more. My ass in the air and cum just running out of me. He stood there in the doorway of the bedroom grinning at me, eating and apple, his cock standing straight out for me. My ass still in the air and me still breathing hard. I watched him throw the apple in the trash and walk around behind me. He pulled me around to face me toward the mirror on the vanity so I could watch what he was doing behind me, then slapped my ass to make me yelp, pulled my ass apart, and stuffed his cock back in me. I moaned and screamed and fucking begged for it. He rode the shit out of me. He fucked me so good that was the first time I squirted backwards. We fucked until we were both sore and too tired to do anything but collapse. I looked over at him laying there on the bed on his back breathing hard for me. I laughed seeing his cock still hard and throbbing, standing straight up. I was too weak to take the spread bar off my ankles. I croaked asking him to take the spreader bar off of me because I was too weak to reach down and do it. He turned his head to look at me and grinned. The only grin he has that tells me he's up to no good. He reached over and grabbed my tit, then pulled himself over and started sucking on my nipple. My nipples are sooo sensitive and it feels soooo good. Suck on my tits and I will fucking cum for you. He knew that. His hand slide over my chest and down my tummy to between my legs and he started stroking my poor tired wet pussy. Over my clit, pulling my pussy lips apart and stroking me some more, down until he stuffed two fingers inside of me. We took a shower, soaped each other up. Kissed and scrubbed and rubbed each other all over.I bent over for him to fuck me and he got his cock in me for a few strokes, but the water and angles just made things a little too awkward. We said we would come back to this later or, better yet, go somewhere with a proper big shower made for fucking in. We toweled each other off and got some food from the kitchen. We sat in the front room on the couch and ate and cuddled while we watched some movie or tv show, I forget. It turned into kissing and stroking and me climbing on top of him and mounting him and riding his cock slow and deep. I can't help it. He gets hard for me and I have to have it. And he gets hard for me a lot. I fully accept I am a dirty little bitch. A quick side note. I'd mentioned we had been accumulating toys. One of them was a strap-on. Not just any strap-on, it is an 8" cock with plugs in the harness, one for each hole to give the person wearing it pleasure while their fucking whoever else. He thinks it's funny. He let's me play with his ass too, but says the only way I'm going to get to fuck him with it is if I wear this. The plugs aren't small. It figures into the next part of this story. I mentioned this before, but one of the things I love about him is he gets as good as he gives. How''s that for foreshadowing? We made it back into the bedroom and started looking at the other new stuff we got. The straps were interesting but not comfortable at all. Maybe we missed the point. The chair too, like I mentioned was comfortable, but once you were in the straps you couldn;t really do anything to the other person. I told him it was my turn and wanted to try out the yolk on him. It fit around the neck and arms go in the holes on either side. There's a loop on it you can use to chain and hang. A velcro strap keeps it closed. Velcro, the modern day sex toy accessory. We were laughing about him being in it and I pushed him on the bed. The awkwardness of it made it hard for him to sit up or roll over and he was more or less stuck with his ass in the air. My eyes glazed over and I started to salivate. I told him to wait a minute and I walked over and grabbed him by the hips and dry humped him a few times. He laughed and pushed back on me and grunted. "You like that don't you you filthy little girl. You want to fuck me in the ass don't you?" He laughed again. I just looked at him and walked over to the toy chest and dug around for a second before I came up with the strap-on. His eyes went wide for a second and he stopped laughing. "Nooo...you are not going to rape my ass with that." I just grinned at him. "I'm not that big, Look at that thing. It's not going to fit inside me. No way.No how. Noooooo. Besides, you're going to have to put the WHOLE THING on." I bent down and stepped into it. He just watched me. I pulled it up slowly,grinning at him the whole time. I saw his eyes glaze over watching me put it on. I could see his cock get hard. I pulled it up and grabbed the plugs. I slid the first one in my pussy slowly. Mmmmm, fuck yes. Then grabbed the anal one and squatted a bit. I pushed it in slow and felt my asshole give for it. Once it was all the way in i stood up. I looked down and grabbed the big fucking cock sticking out. I squeezed it. I stroked it Fuck yessss, this is a feeling of power. I get it now. "Yesssssss." I heard him whisper and he just looked at me. My glassy-eyed gaze shifted from the cock in my hand back to him and his ass in the air. "Fine. But, you'd better lube me up and DO NOT hurt me. That thing is NOT going to fit in my ass" More foreshadowing. Never say never. I got a handful of lube and walked over and butter up his tight little asshole and stood behind him with the tip of that fat cock pointed right at his ass.I pushed and nothgin happened. He was laughing. "See I told you. That is NOT going to fit in my ass." He was pushing back making grunting noises. "Push all you want it ain't gonna happen" As with any story with famous last words that's about the time his asshole opened up of its own accord and about 4 inches slid in stretching him out. He squealed. Oh yeah like a scene form Deliverance he squealed like a piggy for me. Later he mentioned it was more out of shock and disbelief than pain. He was looking back at me with half of this huge cock in his ass. He said I drooled and was completely glazed over staring down. "Fine it's in. You win. Fuck me. Take it. Do NOT get carried away and do NOT hurt me." And I started pushing and pulling slowly. Pulling it out a bit, pushing it in a bit. Thrusting my hips. The plugs inside of me stroking me sooo good. This was dangerous. I heard him take a deep breath and then moan a bit then grunt a bit. "Rape my ass. Go ahead. You know you want it." My pussy was so wet. My breathing shallow and I wanted to pound the shit out of him and make him squeal for me. I liked it when he squealed for me. I liked it a lot. I grabbed his hips and fucked him, but didn't lose it. He moaned. "Oh fuck. I don't know what you;re doing but you;re hitting something right. Don't stop." I reached under and grabbed his cock and squeezed. He begged me not to stop. I heard my voice whispering to him. "Yesss, give it to me baby. C'mon. Take it. You know you like it." I felt it building inside of me and my pussy was just dripping. I jerked his cock and fucked his ass for a good 5 minutes until he fucking lost it and came all over the sheets. He collapsed with his ass in the air and still at least 2 inches in him. I slowly pulled my dick out of him and watching it sticking straight out and his poor little asshole all stretched out, winking at me and begging me for mercy. Oh hell yeah. I like this. I slid the harness off and we got cleaned up. Changed the sheets and passed out. We woke up late the next afternoon and decided to get ready and go take some pics at the art museum. I wore a short dress and high heels and planned to get up to some mischief. On the drive there he reached over and stroked my pussy while we drive through traffic. I came several times with his fingers deep inside me while we sat in a couple of spots. He fingered me a couple more times in the museum parking lot before we went in. We walked around. Yes we did have some mischief in mind, but we noticed one of the guards was following us around, so we kept it straight. Tho I was tempted. We had lunch and made our way back home after a couple of hours at the museum. We got back home and relaxed a while. That led to cuddling and stroking which always leads to more crazy fucking. A one point I had put the strap-on back on and laid back. He squatted over me and rode that thing in his ass, stroking his cock for me while he did. I love watching him jerk off for me. "C'mon, do it for me. Jerk it off. Cum all over my tits. You know I want it." I squeezed my tits together and pinched my nipples while i was watching the tip of his cock and waiting. I watched that big fucking thing sliding in and out of his ass and his hand pumping the shit out of his cock. He was red and breathing hard. I love watching him work for me. I was encouraging him. I wanted to see it. i wanted his cum. I wanted to feel it splash all over my fucking tits. I watched glassy-eyes and my jaw dropped. He was moaning and gasping for air and getting close. I looked down for a second to watch the cock disappear in his ass and I heard him just let fucking go. I looked back up just in time to watch his cock explode for me and shoot this huge sticky wad of cum. It was coming right at my face ad a second sooner it would have shot right in my mouth. I'm not a fan of cum in my mouth, tho I don't mind grabbing someone by the hair and squirting in theirs. Go figure. He shook and collapsed and when we both say the trail of what almost happened we both laughed. The rest of the night was spent with us fucking like maniacs for as long as we could until we passed out. I woke up the next morning and grabbed his cock until it was hard for me and mounted him. I wanted him to fill me up before I left. We fucked and came and I left him laying there exhausted while I drove home.

Friday, September 13, 2013

A Secret Rendevous

I was recently at a party with some friends and having a great time. We were drinking and dancing a little, listening to music. I noticed a young woman just couldn't keep her eyes off of me. I'd met her briefly earlier in the evening and she seemed very sweet. She was a little shorter than I and she was thin with big enhanced breasts. I could tell she was a really sensual person by the way she moved and I am also very sexual and sensual. As the night went on and she drank a little more she got really bold. She came out into the little area where I was dancing with some other people and started dancing near me. Every once in awhile she'd brush up against me. I could smell her perfume. It was just a light scent but seemed to suit her. She started touching me more and brushed against one of my nipples. I felt the zing all the way down to my sweet clit. There were a few more touches while dancing and then we all went back to get another drink. I needed to use the ladies room so I excused myself to go and do that. She followed me into the house and it was empty. She smiled at me and took my hand. After leading me into a bedroom she started kissing me and fondling my big breasts some more tweaking my nipples. She reached down and stroked my pussy thru my shorts and I reached out to feel her too. We stood there kissing and stroking each other's pussy thru our clothes and I unbuttoned her shorts and slid my hand inside her panties. Her sweet pussy was soaking wet as I fingered her and she started moaning. She returned the favor and both of us were getting really hot. We decided to take off our clothes and climb up onto the bed. I wanted to lick her so badly and I could tell she was excited to lick my pussy too. She tasted delicious and I moaned against her clit while she sucked my clit into her mouth. She flicked my clit with her tongue while she had it in her mouth and then stuffed her tongue deep inside me. I came so hard on her mouth and I could hear her gasping but she didn't stop. It seemed to get her even hotter that I came in her mouth. She was grinding her pussy against my tongue and I sucked her clit into my mouth and nibbled it a little and she lost it cumming and moaning. We both were all smiles as we walked back into the party and acted like nothing happened. Our guys gave us funny looks like they had some idea what had transpired but we never told a soul.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My Secret Lover

I met this gentleman at a party with some of my friends. I could feel the chemistry right away and I could tell that he was attracted to me too. I tried to keep it under wraps but I'm afraid others at the party could see the sparks fly when our eyes met. He finally made his way over to me and as he began to talk to me I could feel my sweet pussy swell and start to get wet. I watched his hands as the conversation went on. My mind was only partially listening to him. The rest of me was imagining his lips tasting me, his hands skimming down my body. Everything inside me was straining to be closer to him. I started to notice that his jeans were getting a little snug in the crotch so I knew that he was not oblivious to the fact that I was very attracted to him. I could feel my breasts get full and hot, my nipples tight buds that strained against my bra almost begging him to lick and suck and nibble on them. His lips really fascinated me and I wondered how they'd feel coated in my hot juices as he kissed me. How sweet they'd smell and taste as I licked my honey from his lips. He asked for my number and I gave him my cell number as I was the only one who answered that. I watched him for the rest of the party still fantasizing about being with him intimately. One of my girlfriends asked me what was up with him but I just acted like I didn't know what she was talking about. I knew she wouldn't approve of me being so attracted to him when I was a married woman. Don't get me wrong. I love my husband and he's great in bed but there are times when you meet someone and the chemical and phsyical attraction are so good you just know that you're going to end up in bed with them. He called me and we had some great conversations over the phone. Even without his physical presence I still felt that overwhelming urge to feel him against me, over me, inside me. I mentioned that I was going out with the girls soon and he asked where we might go. I told him the name of the club where we planned to see a band. I was hoping to see him there. The club is an old mansion that had been turned into a club. They had a nice dance floor and a great garden where you could step outside. Finally the night arrived and I was excited. I wore the sexiest panty and bra set that I had. Satin and lace covered me and every move I made caused that silky satin to stroke me. We were there for about an hour and the band had just started when I felt like someone was staring at me. I looked around and across the room I saw him. I could feel my panties getting instantly wet. My sweet bud swelling and my nipples straining. We watched each other from across the room for awhile and then I told the girls that I needed to use the ladies room. The place was really packed at this point and it was hard to move thru the crowd. A breath of fresh air would feel good. I stepped out the side door into the garden and relaxed a bit. My heart was beating so fast as I anticipated finally feeling him touch me. A couple guys came out but moved farther into the garden. I was just about to return to my friends thinking that he didn't see me leave when he stepped outside and looked around. I saw his eyes light up a bit when he looked at me. He came over and said hello. I moved closer to him and I was just sure he could tell how hot I was for his touch. He smiled a sexy smile and I watched his lips then looked up at his eyes. He knew what I needed. He reached down and brushed my thigh beneath my short skirt and I quivered so hot for him that I was ready to beg for more of his touch. He stepped back a bit and offered me his arm and we walked further into the garden. He led me to a particularly dark section and we found a little bench nestled in the corner. We sat down and he immediately pulled me closer and started kissing me. His lips were as heavely as I imagined they'd be. So soft and silky that I just new they'd feel good against my other lips. His tongue slipped inside my mouth and I just melted. He parted my legs a little and stroked up my thigh until he came to my wet panties. I felt him suck in a deep breath against my mouth as he realized how hot I was for him. He stroked my sweet slit thru the panties and I moaned just a bit. He stopped kissing me and licked the edge of my ear and whispered you're going to have to be very quiet or I'll stop. I knew it would be a battle to hold in all the little sounds I wanted to make but I would do anything for him to continue. He said do you understand? I looked up at him and nodded. He said I'm going to fuck you Cheri. I'm going to make you cum. I started panting. I wanted to beg him but he put his finger against my lips so I wouldn't make a sound. I flicked my tongue out and was surprised to taste myself on his finger. Good girl he said. Suck it. I dutifully sucked his finger into my mouth laving him with my tongue, stroking his finger the way I imagined stroking his cock. He took his finger away and brushed his hand across my left nipple. I shivered still wanting to beg him but I knew if I made a sound he'd stop. He reached under my skirt, grabbed my panties and pulled them off of me. I want you bare for me my darling. I'm going to possess you. You're all mine tonight. I watched as he sniffed my panties and flicked his tongue out to taste where my pussy was pressed against them. My sweet slit got even wetter watching him. I took the panties and put them in his pocket reached beneath my skirt and stroked me up and down until I pressed against his hand trying to get him to penetrate me. My clit was so swollen that I knew it was poking out of my lips. He got down on his knees in front of me and pushed me back a bit. Using his tongue he penetrated me as deeply as he could. I wiggled against him wanting more. He licked me with a flat tongue from my sweet hole all the way up to my clit and flicked his tongue around it. Over and over he pleasured me like that until I had fistfulls of his hair riding his face. I couldn't hold back and came right in his mouth. My cum filled his mouth and dripped from his chin. He came back to sit beside me and said look at this mess you've made. I looked at his face and could see the cum all over his lips. I leaned forward and licked his lips then kissed him passionately while I rubbed the huge bulge in his jeans. I could feel his cock straining, begging to slide so deep inside me. You're all mine he said again. I want you to stand and face the bench. I wasn't sure my legs would hold me but I did as I was told. I didn't want this magic to end. He came up behind me and slid his hands up inside my blouse fingering my nipples and pinching them until I leaned back against him rubbing my sweet ass against his cock. He took one hand away and I could feel him doing something behind me. Oh, I so hoped that he was going to take his cock out now. Then I felt it pulsing against my cheeks. With one hand on my left breast and the other stroking my pussy he rode my crack with his cock. It was everything I could do not to beg again. I think he could feel the tension in me and he whispered don't forget, you must be quiet. He pushed on the backs of my shoulders so my hands were flat on the bench. Lifting my skirt he put his cock right at the entrance to my hot pussy. I'm going to fill you up now Cheri. Not a sound. I wanted to whimper but I wanted his cock so badly that I was his to command. He slid the head inside and I could feel him stretching me already. My sweet juices coating his cock and he inched it deeper and deeper until I couldn't take another inch and then finally sheathed it completely. I've never been so full of cock in my life and never so happy to be filled. He had my hips in his hands as he pumped me. Deep and hard he took me until my whole body was quivering and shaking. I could feel his balls slapping against my clit and hear him telling me how hot and wet I felt on his cock. I wanted to scream out my release but was so afraid he'd stop that I bit my lips and just held onto the bench for dear life. Just when I thought my legs would give out I came so hard. My forehead dropped to the bench and I felt the warm rush of my cum meeting his. It ran down my thighs. He squatted down and licked the cum off of my thighs. Then turned me around and sat me on the bench again. His hard cock level with my face. I knew he wanted me to clean his cock and I eagerly took it into my mouth as deeply as I possibly could. When I had taken it all I stuck my tongue out and licked his balls clean too. I could feel him throbbing as I stroked his shaft with my lips and tongue and throat. His legs started to shake as I sucked another orgasm from him. He had his hands fisted in my hair pumping my face. I have never been so excited in my life. After I had swallowed every drop he pulled back from me and helped me straighten my clothes. He put his cock away and sat beside me. I could smell the sex in the air and see that we were both very satisfied. He turned to me and said good girl. I'd like to spend the night pleasuring you but I know you have to get back to your friends. He walked me to the door and as I went inside he turned and left. I made my way thru the crowd and just before I got to my friends realized that he kept my panties. My friends had wondered what happened to me but I said oh there was a long line for the ladies room. The band was playing and everyone was dancing and having a good time. I went home and never told a soul about the fun I'd had in the garden. I can't wait until he calls me again. The feel of his big cock sliding in and out of me still fuels my hottest fantasies.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Fitness Trail Fun!

I was walking on a fitness trail in my area and I've seen the same man jogging along it many times. I've always checked him out and watched him jog off in the distance as I thought about how hot he is in his little short shorts. His thighs are so powerful and muscular and his ass just looks so ready to pump his cock deep into my sweet wet hole. I've always smiled at him as he jogged by and he always smiles back. My pussy immediately gets wet and the more I walk the more my lips slip and slide past each other making my clit swell more and more. Yesterday I winked at him and he winked back and jogged on by. I was walking along and heard someone coming up behind me. I glanced back and there he was. He'd come back. He asked my name and I told him and he introduced himself. He walked along with me and my pussy was getting wetter and wetter. The walking trail is bordered by woods and he mentioned that he had found this beautiful little grassy spot with wildflowers growing in it and asked me if I'd like to have a look. I knew I shouldn't leave the trail with a man I didn't know but I was so hot for this guy I just had to do it and see if he wanted to carry this a bit further.

We left the trail and he took me down a little footpath. We walked along for about oh a quarter of a mile and it was really beautiful. He was walking in front of me and I got to watch his hot ass working as he was striding ahead. I got hotter and hotter. By the time we reached the little clearing my pussy was dripping wet and there was a wet spot thru my panties and my shorts. He turned around to look at me and I saw his eyes widen as he noticed the wet spot on my shorts. He came closer and said you look like you are a bit sweaty. I said oh no that's not sweat. Just watching your ass work as you were walking ahead of me got me all excited.

He took me to the center of the clearing and I saw that the grass was really soft and thick. We sat down and he sat very close to me. I leaned toward him and kissed him long and deep. I reached over and cupped his crotch and found his cock raging hard and throbbing. I took off my shirt and he took off my bra and started sucking and nibbling on my sexy big tits. My nipples were so sensitive and hot for him. I couldn't wait for him to get to my pussy. I started stroking his cock thru his shorts and finally convinced him to ease them off. He said I had to take my shorts off too. He just sniffed my panties and licked the outside of the crotch. He took off my panties and started lapping up the sweet cum dripping down to my ass. He was making wild moaning noises and I moved him around until I could suck his cock too. I came so hard in his mouth and as soon as the biggest gush came out of my pussy and he lapped it off my sweet cunt he shot his load right down my throat. I could actually feel his balls jerking as he came so hard down my throat. He told me I had the sweetest creampie and asked me to meet him again on Friday! Mmmm I can't wait!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Hot Professor!

I had the wildest dream last night. I was sitting in a class in college and I was in the front row and the professor kept looking down at something and losing his train of thought. The longer he tried to lecture the more this happened and then I started to notice a bulge in the front of his pants. I couldn't take my eyes off of it. I wasn't paying any attention to his lecture at all. I finally looked up and at his face and he was staring at me. I had come to class in a skirt that day and I had no panties on. He could see up my skirt. Finally he said ok class that's enough for today. Cheri, could you stay after class I need to speak to you about something. By that time my pussy was wet from him looking at it and his cock bulging in his pants. I stayed after class and he asked me to come to his office. We went to his office and he said, "I saw your pussy during class and it distracted me so much that I couldn't even lecture." I said I was sorry but I couldn't seem to help myself. He was very goodlooking and I was turned on. I had fingered myself off several times before class but that only seemed to make it worse. He walked over and locked the door while I blushed and started to apologize. He turned around and told me that I'd have to take care of the hard on I gave him and took it out of his pants. As he unzipped his pants his cock just sprang out it was sooo hard. I dropped to my knees and licked at his shaft and then his balls. He moaned and I looked up at him and begged him to fuck my mouth. He grabbed handfulls of my hair and started pumping my throat. His balls were bouncing off of my chin. I was playing with my tits by that time. I had pulled them out of my bra and was pinching and pulling at my nipples. My pussy was so wet I could feel the juices on my thighs. He came in my mouth and I gulped down all of his hot cum and he could feel me swallowing around his head. I pulled back and he collapsed onto his chair but I wasn't finished with him yet. I softly licked at his shaft and balls until his cock started to stir again. I licked and lapped at his cock and balls until he had another raging hard on then asked if he would fill me. He didn't even move he just slumped in his chair so I straddled him right in his chair and stuffed his cock up my hairy cunt. I rode his cock with my big tits bouncing in his face. He sucked on one tit so I grabbed the other and started sucking it too. My pussy sucked on his cock again and again milking it until I squirted my hot cum all over him. When I could finally stand again I stood up and his cum and mine was running down my thighs. His shaft and balls were completely soaked and there was a puddle of my cum on the floor.

When I woke up I was already cumming so I finished myself off and then I had to get off just one more time!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Little Adventure!

So, I've been seeing this guy on the side that my hubby doesn't know anything about. He's a real hottie! I met him at 420 party and the chemistry was just phenomenal. He's a blonde just like me and he has the sexiest lips. I've been walking everyday and just started walking in my neighborhood. He's taken to meeting me partway thru my walk and we take off in his car. He took me back to his place last week and we were just hanging out and talking. Well, you know me. One thing led to another and I ended up making out with him and playing around a bit. He was fingering my sweet pussy and I was stroking his cock on his couch and I got really excited. I couldn't help myself when he started pumping his fingers in and out of my sweet wet pussy. It just kept getting wetter and wetter. At one point he stopped and said OMG, your pussy is so wet. I'd love to taste you. That turned me on so much that as he was pumping his fingers in and out of me and thumbing my swollen clit that I couldn't hold back. I came all over his hand. That drove him crazy. He pushed me back on the couch and started licking and lapping at my swollen clit. He sucked on it and nibbled too. I had a hold of the back of his head just grinding my pussy on his face and ended up squirting in his mouth. He was surprised but he licked it all up and then brought his big throbbing cock up and stuffed the shaft all the way in to the balls. He had my knees pinned back by my shoulders and I could watch his cock sliding in and out of me. He fucked me so good I squirted on his cock and balls. As soon as he felt that hot squirt running down his shaft and my sweet pussy milking his cock in my orgasm he came deep inside me. I could literally feel his cock jerking when he came. I can't wait for him to find me again so I can fuck him really good. I'd love to just push him down and take what I want from him. His thick cock stretching me. I'd better not get caught being dirty tho. Hubby will freak!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

24 Hour Marathon!

I had a great time doing a marathon to help celebrate iFriends birthday! There were a bunch of hosts that all did the marathon together and wow did we have a naughty time. I squirted so much cum that I had to do 4 loads of laundry just washing the towels that I came all over! It was a blast to say the least! Orgasm after orgasm like that really gets me all pumped up. I can't wait to do the next one!! I saw so many members that I haven't seen in a long time and it was great to catch up with all of them!